French 2: Friday, August 31, 2012

DUE: Les Devoirs! First presentation!
  • Prepare to speak to the class in French for 30 seconds.
  • Talking about yourself and your summer is likely the easiest route, but you may choose other appropriate topics that you can handle with your current French vocabulary.
  • You will speak without notes.
[5 minutes] Pratiquez! Students trio up, deliver own presentation twice, listen to partners do same, offer questions/suggestions/corrections.

[25 minutes] 30-second presentations

  • After each presentation, next speaker asks presenter one question; speaker must offer answer in French. (First speaker asks question of last speaker.) Then TA asks a question, speaker must answer!

[10 minutes] Hand out textbooks, log book numbers, make PDF textbook available!

[10 minutes] Pronunciation and Vocab: New Vocab List 1.1 (p.37)

  • TA leads in pronunciation practice!
[15 minutes] Grammar Review: avoir et être (p.10) 
  • Know your conjugations!
  • Know how to negate (ne + verb + pas).
  • Know how to ask questions (Est-ce que + sentence).
  • Oral practice: pp. 10–11, ex. 6–8 

Les Devoirs: Write all words in Vocab List 1.1 four times!

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