French 1: Nov 30-Dec 1 Lesson Plan

DUE: Les Devoirs! p. 104 Exs. 1 & 2 (write complete sentences!)

{10 minutes} Finish any remaining/make-up slideshows!

{20 minutes} Review Exs. 1 & 2
  • Put sentences on board, correct errors
{10 minutes} Do Ex. 4 together, reviewing possessive adjectives

{15 minutes} être and adjective agreement review
  • CAH gives sentences in English students translate into French on paper and on the board.
I am tall.You (sing.) are short.She is not smart.
He is not elderly.
We are annoying.
You (pl.) are not serious.
They (m.) are blond.
They (f.) are not brunette.
Jean-Luc is strong.
Marianne is not thin.
Bob and Richard are fat.
My sisters are nice.
My cousins are not mean.
Your uncle is fantastic!
You (pl.) are very generous.
The cat is black.
I am creative.
You (sing.) are not funny.

{15 minutes} de contractions
  • Give students phrases in English to translate on board.
the mother's MP3 player
the father's radio
the child's grandfather
the children's chocolate
the husband's dog
the wife's cat
the sister's car
the brother's computer
the sisters' drawing
the boy's parents
the boys' parents
the girl's books
the girls' books
the teacher's newspaper
the teachers' magazines
the nephew's fries
the grandmother's music
the student's vacation

Les Devoirs: Study like crazy for the Grammar Quiz which happens next time!
  • Page 106 has the summary of all four points. See also:
    1. p. 82: conjugation of être
    2. p. 84: adjective agreement
    3. p. 94: possessive adjectives
    4. p. 96: contractions with de

French 2: Nov 30-Dec 1 Lesson Plan

DUE: Les Devoirs! "Le Petit Nicolas" p. 108 Ex. C

Note to students: please reclaim your grocery and store signs!
If you want to keep your signs, please take them home. CAH will dispose of all signs remaining on the shelves and walls on Monday, Dec. 5.

{45 minutes} Read and translate "Le Petit Nicolas"
  • Pick up where we left off last time.
  • Review answers to Exs. B & C.
{45 minutes} Prep for Oral Quiz #2!
  • Two meetings from now (Dec. 6-7), we will do another one-on-one oral interview in the hall.
  • Eight questions total!
  • CAH will ask you five questions about where one can buy certain groceries (Où est-ce qu'on peut acheter...?).
  • To get full credit, you need to respond in a complete sentence saying where one can buy such things (On peut acheter... à ...).
  • You can use le supermarché in no more than one response. The rest of your responses must use terms for specific shops.
  • CAH will ask you two questions about whether you like shopping, who in your family does the shopping, and/or what items you enjoy shopping for.
  • You must then ask CAH one grocery-related question. CAH will respond in second-year French. You will translate his response into English.
Les Devoirs: Write eight possible questions and answers that you might hear in this oral interview! Write them down, be prepared to practice them out loud next time.