French 1: August 31/September 4, 2012

DUE: First Ten Vocab Words!

  • Think of ten words you'd want to know how to say in French
  • Look them up on
  • Write down each English word, then write its French translation four times!
[20 minutes] Review greetings:
  • Bonjour! 
  • Comment tu t’appelles? 
  • Je m'appelle....
  • Enchanté(e).
  • [add for Jour Blanc!] Comment ça va/Ça va bien?
  • [add for Jour Blanc!]  Bien. Très bien. Pas mal. Mal. Comme ci comme ça. Et toi?
[10 minutes] CAH checks homework; students get textbooks!
  • While CAH checks vocab and logs book numbers, students begin looking at Chapter 1 vocab.
  • Also make electronic book available!
  • Also set up books!
[20 minutes] Share new vocab! 
  • Students enter new words on Smart Board
  • CAH demos pronunciation
[20 minutes] Practice dialogue bubbles on pp. 6-8

Les Devoirs: pp. 6-8: write each dialogue bubble in French, then in English, then in French:
  • Practice saying these lines as you write them!

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