French/Francophone Media:
  1. Le Monde: the premier French national newspaper
  2. Le Figaro: second-biggest paper in France 
  3. Le Parisien: center-right, second largest regional paper in France
  4. France 24: international 24/7 news channel
  5. Radio France Internationale: including RFI Musique and the amazing "Easy French" news broadcast for aspiring Francophones!
  6. MIT Libraries list of French-language news resources
  7. rythme 105.7 Montréal: live pop radio from Québec
  8. French radio online!
  9. More French radio stations streaming online
  10. French-language news in Canada

French Learning Resources:
  1. Dictionnaire Français-Anglais. This is no ordinary French-English dictionary! For instance, look up tarte. You get definitions, compounds and phrases, and idioms. You get links to other dictionary entries that use the word tarte.You also get a whole string of links to WordReference forum entries that discuss various uses of the word tarte and related phrases. Many of the forum participants are native French speakers, so you get some great perspectives on how the language is used regularly.
  2. Radio France Internationale's Learn French Online: wonderful series of videos to help students learn French culture and language, along with simple French news broadcasts with online quizzes for listening and reading practice.
  3. Tennessee Bob's Famous French Links
  4. Tex's French Grammar
  5. Blog de français: grammar, quizzes, music, and lots of links to other resources
  6. Gail's French Links: created especially for students and teachers of français langue étrangère (FLE)
  7. Best French Websites: a big pile of links from Jim Becker, University of Northern Iowa 
  8. Yabla French: Online video immersion course with embedded word definitions, transcription, games, and a really cool "slow" button that lets you listen to a video more slowly but with the pitch corrected! Demo items available for free; full course available with paid subscription. Also offers free French lessons by e-mail.
  9. Digital Dialects French word games!
  10. Lots of first-year French Online Grammar quizzes
  11. L'Internaute: encyclopedia of French expressions
  12. Verbs of Motion
  13. French phonetics: How to say every letter in French; includes audio!
  14. Practice your French with Battleship, Jeopardy, and lots of other language games.
  15. French Lessons from Everywhere, University of Tennessee at Martin.
  16. Holy cow! 200 fill-in-the-blank quizzes, translating English to French. Includes word banks from which to click and drag your answers. Do one each day! Plus 50 crosswords!
  17. More vocab quizzes in English, French, Spanish, and German. Das ist gut!
  18. French words and nuances missing in English: bal, balle, ballon, boulet... what's the difference?

Linguistic Trivia:
  1. Language Daily: 1000 most common French words, with audio on top 50, based on corpus of movie subtitles  
  2. French Inverse Dictionary: list of French words in inverse alphabetical order starting with final letters.

French Culture:
  1. Cultural Etiquette in France: dress sharp, lower your voice, and don't chew gum!

  1. Curriculum Alignment: Spearfish French to World Language "5Cs"
  2. SD Teacher to Teacher Network
  3. SD World Languages Association
  4. American Association of Teachers of French