How to Make French Special Characters

To produce the following French special characters in Microsoft Word, you can use the following keystrokes. First you press Ctrl and the indicated symbol at the same time. Then release those keys: Ctrl+symbol, followed by letter
  • l'accent aigu (áéíóú): Ctrl+apostrophe, then vowel to be accented
  • l'accent grave (àèìòù): Ctrl+open single quote (key under Esc!), then vowel to be accented
  • l'accent circonflex (âêîôû): Ctrl+Shift+6 (carat!), then vowel to be accented
  • la cédille (ç): Ctrl+comma, then c
  • le tréma (äëïöü): Ctrl+Shift+semicolon (colon!), then vowel to be accented
  • o e collé (œ in cœur, sœur, mœurs, œuf, œuvre, œil): Ctrl+Shift+7 (ampersand!), then o
Update 2012.09.04: My new version of Word 2010 requires me to hit the Ctrl+symbol combo and hold it down while hitting the letter I want to accent. This makes entering a lowercase ô impossible. I have to go to the Insert>Symbol menu to find it... but after I do that, I find Word decides to accept the normal keyboard shortcuts, without having to hold everything down. How strange!

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