French 3: Tuesday, September 4 Lesson Plan

DUE: First presentation!
  • Prepare to speak to the class in French for 60 seconds.
  • Tell us what you did this summer.
  • Speak without notes.
  • Your time does not include pauses, whether vocalized (um... uh... I don't know what to say!) or not.
[15 minutes] Practice... and get textbooks!
  • Students trio up, deliver their one-minute presentations to each other twice.
  • Students establish a speaking order on board.
  • During this practice, students should check out French 3 textbooks.
[25 minutes] Presentations: Ce que j'ai fait en été!
  • Students speak!
  • After each presentation students answers one question from next speaker and one question from le prof
[20 minutes] Grammar Review: Regular Verbs! (pp. 10-11)
  • Review conjugation chart on p. 10
  • Write conjugations for étudier, finir, perdre
  • Do Exs. 8, 9, and 10 together in class
[15 minutes] New Vocabulary (mostly review!) 1.1
  • Students read pp. 6-7 aloud to themselves first.
  • Then we read and repeat for pronunciation practice.
  • Note use of on for one or we.
Les Devoirs: Write three times...
  • all vocab words in List #1, p. 37
  • Exprimons-nous phrases on pp. 7 & 9
  • the word foirer (p. 8... and note diff Québecois meaning!)

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