French 1: Day 3 Lesson Plan

DUE: p. 35 Vocabulaire 1: Students should have written each of these French words/phrases three times. No need to submit by e-mail or Moodle; CAH will look at this assignment on your paper/computer while you do the following activity:

{10 minutes} Vocabulary Review (p. 37)
  • Students work à trois
  • One student says word/phrase from Vocabulaire 1; other two say English meaning
  • Student #1 asks 5 words, then Student #2 asks 5, then Student #3 asks 5....
{10 minutes} Review les nombres
  • Do p. 10 Ex. 12 aloud; expand with other sequences
  • Review "Quel âge as-tu?" with students asking each other.
{20 minutes} Grammar: Subjects and verbs
  • Identify subjects and verbs in English and French sentences
  • note two types: doing and being
  • Do pp. 12-13 Exs. 17–19 ensemble.
{20 minutes} French subject pronouns! (p. 14)
  • special mention for on ("on parle français")
  • Do pp. 14–15, Exs. 21–23 ensemble
Les Devoirs (homework!):
  • Study for Vocab Quiz next meeting (over Vocabulaire 1, p. 35)
  • Do p. 15 Ex. 24: compose at least 10 sentences from the given components!

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