French 2: Day 3 Lesson Plan

DUE: p. 37 Vocabulaire 1: Students should have written each of these French words/phrases three times. No need to submit by e-mail or Moodle; CAH will look at this assignment on your paper/computer while you do the following activity:

{10 minutes} Vocabulary Review (p. 37)
  • Students work à trois
  • One student says word/phrase from Vocabulaire 1; other two say English meaning
  • Student #1 asks 5 words, then Student #2 asks 5, then Student #3 asks 5....
{15 minutes} Grammar Review: avoir et être (p.10)
  • Know your conjugations!
  • Know how to negate (ne + verb + pas).
  • Know how to ask questions (Est-ce que + sentence).
  • Oral practice: pp. 10–11, ex. 6–8
{10 minutes} Grammar Review 2: Adjective Agreement (p. 12)
  • Masculinefeminine: usually add -e
    • -x→-se
    • -f→-ve
    • -g→-gue
    • -l→-lle
  • Singular→plural: usu. add -s.
  • marron et orange ne changent pas!
{30 minutes} Prepare and present personal descriptions!
  • Back in trios
  • Students compose descriptions of each other
  • Use vocab in this chapter and prior vocab to describe fellow trio members' age, personality, appearance, family, etc.
  • Prepare at least five sentences about each group member
  • Present this period!
{25 minutes} Les Devoirs (remember, that means homework!)
  • Study for Vocab Quiz next meeting (over Vocabulaire 1, p. 37)
  • Write pp. 12–13, exs. 12 & 14

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