French 2: Day 1 Lesson Plan

Review greetings
  • Bonjour!
  • Comment tu t’appelles?
  • Enchanté(e).
  • Comment ça va/Ça va bien?
  • Bien. Très bien. Pas mal. Mal....
Students receive textbooks: electronic textbook available!

CAH reviews syllabus, rules, grading, what class is about

  • Emphasize that students should listen to, speak, read, and write French every day, not just class days! Écoutez, parlez, lisez, et écrivez français chaque jour!
Review alphabet: Sing!

  • pp. 6–7: I read bubbles, all repeat in unison
  • Then groups read, then indivs. Practice accent

Les Devoirs (that's French for Homework!)
  • p. 6: Write each dialogue bubble in French. Then write English translation. Then write French again. Say it as you write it.
  • Example:
  • seven bubbles total
  • Submit to CAH via e-mail.
  • Maroon Due Date: Friday, August 26
  • White Due Date: Monday, August 29

For standard formatting, when you submit an assignment by e-mail, please include a subject line with the following information:
  • Course name (French 1, French 2)
  • Your section (M1 for Maroon 1, W2 for White 2, etc.)
  • Due date
For example, French 2 students in Maroon 3rd period should submit their current assignment with the following subject line:
  • French 2 M3 Assignment: Aug 26

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