French 1: Day 4 Lesson Plan

{5 minutes} DUE: p. 15 Ex. 24: compose at least 10 sentences from the given components!
  • CAH checks work while students study for...
{30 minutes} Le Premier Quiz! p. 35 Vocabulaire 1
  • leave time to make sure everyone can access Moodle!
{30 minutes} Classroom Vocabulary! (p.18)
  • Qu'est-ce que c'est? C'est...!
  • Touchez... Students get up and lay hands on the item
  • (use regardez or montrez for garçon, fille, and professeur!)
{25 minutes} Classroom Commands (p. 20): Drill!
  • First CAH drills students.
  • Then individual students are promoted to give commands!
Les Devoirs: Réposez-vous! Bon week-end!

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