French 1: Thursday May 3 Lesson Plan

DUE: Les Devoirs: Write all vocab terms covered on pp. 234–237 four times!

{5 minutes} Pronunciation Practice! Écoutez et répétez le vocabulaire 9.2 (pp. 234–237).

{5 minutes} Student Oral Practice: In pairs, students quiz each other on the words while CAH checks homework for points.

{5 minutes} Listening Practice: Do p. 236 Ex. 23 together.

{10 minutes} Writing Practice: Students write answers to p. 236 Exs. 22 & 24. (Write complete sentences for Ex. 24!)

{5 minutes} Preview Oral Final Exam!

{45 minutes} New Grammar: The past tense! Le passé composé! (p. 238)

  • Put chart on p. 236 on board.
  • Emphasize two parts: conjugate avoir, then add past participle ( in French is like -ed in English).
  • Emphasize pronunciation difference in first-person singluar between present and past.
  • Do Exs. 27, 28, 29, and, as time allows, 30 together in class.
 Les Devoirs: Look at the verbs on p. 239, Ex. 31. For each verb, write two original sentences, one saying someone is doing the action (present tense), another saying that same person did the action yesterday (past tense). Use a different subject for each verb. Also include some phrase (direct object, prepositional phrase. In all, you will write nine pairs of sentences, eighteen sentences total.

For example, suppose you have the verb chanter. I want to see two sentences, present and past:
  1. Nous chantons l'hymne nationale au match de basketball.
  2. Nous avons chanté l'hymne nationale au match de basketball.

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