French 1: Thursday May 17 Lesson Plan

DUE: Rien! Mais nous étudions comme fous pour l'examen final!
{5 minutes} Administrivia!
  • All French 1 tests take place next week:
    1. White 2: Monday Block 3.
    2. White 3: Tuesday Block 1.
    3. White 4: Tuesday Block 2.
  • All students should bring textbooks to turn in on their test day! (Bring any spares from home and locker as well!)
  • Remember: I will allow no computers, cell phones, MP3 players, or any other electronic devices on, on your desk, or on your person during the final.
{60 minutes} Review activities!

Passé Composé:
Translate the following sentences. (See p. R27 for irregular participles.)
1. I searched for the pen. 14. They (masc.) read the newspaper.
2. They (fem.) searched for their shoes. 15. Jacques took the bus.
3. You (sing.) ate a grilled ham-and-cheese sandwich for which the French are renowned. 16. We did our homework.
4. You (pl.) ate fish and veggies. 17. Did you (pl.) do your homework?
5. She started to sing. 18. They rode bike all weekend.
6. We started to work. 19. Did you (sing) want a ham sandwich?
7. They (masc.) spoke English. 20. My mom said yes.
8. He spoke French. 21. Did you write the sentences?
9. Liselle knew the answer. 22. We were in Lyons.
10. She drank a Coke. 23. He put the pencil on the table.
11. He drank some milk. 24. I had to go.
12. I had some paper. 25. She saw a film.
13. You (sing.) read five books? 26. It rained.

Les Devoirs: rien. Pr&eacuteparez pour l'examen final. Bonne chance, mes amis!

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