French 2: Wednesday May 16 Lesson Plan

DUE: Write out full conjugations for one of the following types of verbs:

  1. regular -er verb
  2. regular -ir verb
  3. regular -re verb
  4. verb of motion (p. 60 or R44)
  5. reflexive verb
  6. être
  7. venir
  8. pouvoir
{5 minutes} Administrivia!
  • All French 2 tests take place on Friday (normal Maroon schedule).
  • All students should bring textbooks to turn in on Friday! (Bring any spares from home and locker as well!)
  • Remember: no computers, cell phones, MP3 players, or any other electronic devices allowed on your desk or your person during the final.
 {25 minutes}Verb review! Students put 4–5 forms in each category au tableau, also put the three specific verbs up, compare!

{35 minutes} Autour du monde! Vocab practice over all lists.

{25 minutes} Oral Exams! Speaking today:
  1. Chad et Dilon
  2. Brianna et Rachel
  3. Hayli et Abby
 Other students study for finals during this time.

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