French 2: Friday May 4 Lesson Plan

C'est le Jour de Star Wars. Détruisez une Étoile de la Mort!

DUE: Les Devoirs: Skit! Live promo for a television program!
  • Work in pairs or trios.
  • Prepare an ad for any kind of TV program (a series, soap opera, documentary, news program, whatever!).
  • Tell viewers what the show is about, why they must watch!
  • Include "clips" or "scenes" from the show.
  • Props and video are welcome but not required.
  • At least five sentences from each player are required! 
  • Use this chapter's vocab!
  • Present live in class during second half of period today!
{5 minutes} Grammar warm-up! Students practice conjugating reflexive verb on board in present, past, imperfect, and future!

{10 minutes} Autour du monde! Take students in pairs, give vocab word, see who can offer the translation  fastest. We'll go one round where I give the word in French and students must give the word in English, then a round where I give English, students give French.

{5 minutes} Preview Oral Final Exam!

{35 minutes} Prep time for promo skits! Print scripts; check for technical difficulties; practice, practice, practice!

{35 minutes} Promo skits! Students present, CAH scores, good time is had by all!

  1. M2 Ciera, Amber, Riley
  2. M3 Machayla & Ashley
Les Devoirs: rien! Mais étudiez comme des fous pour l'examen de vocabulaire 9.2 mardi!

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