Extra Credit No, Bonus Points Yes

North Carolina Civics and Econ teacher Mrs. Cook offers in her syllabus this concise explanation of the difference between extra credit and bonus points and the rationale for offering the latter but not the former:
I DO NOT GIVE EXTRA CREDIT! You may be asking yourself “What’s the difference between extra-credit and bonus points?” I will try to clarify for you: Extra credit is more work for me because you chose not to do your part the first time. Bonus points are built in: I may ask an additional question on a quiz or test that can only help you, not count against you. Or we may do an in class activities that allow you or your group to receive some bonus points. The reasoning for my policy is that it is the student’s responsibility to keep up with their work and knowledge throughout the course and not rely on “extra –credit” to help them make it through. My job as an IB teacher is prepare them for college and real world experiences and, most likely, they will not encounter extra-credit after high school [R. Cook, MYP Civics and Economics syllabus, downloaded 2013.05.17].
I follow those principles in my class. Extra credit does not exist in my classroom. However, I set an 80% rule on my final exams: get 4 out of 5 right, and you get full credit. Get more than that right, and you get bonus points.

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