French 1: Friday May 3 2013 Lesson Plan

DUE: Les Devoirs! deux choses très importantes!
  1. Special Verb Practice: Write a story in past tense using each of the verbs on our special 13 list! Be prepared to draft a partner on Friday to act out your story while you read it aloud to the class.
  2. partirarrêteraider
  3. Past Tense Practice: Translate the following sentences, using être as helping verb and treating participles like adjectives that have to agree with their subjects:
  1. Jean went to the library.
  2. Jeanne went to the library.
  3. We (boys) went to the lake.
  4. We (girls) went to the lake.
  5. My (boy) cousins came to the country with me.
  6. My (girl) cousins came to the cybercafé with Mom.
  7. Did you (sg) pass the theatre?
  8. Did you (pl) pass the opera?
  9. We returned to the sea.
  10. They returned to the ice-skating rink.
  11. The Parisians climbed up the mountain.
  12. Julienne got on (monter) the bus.
  13. The New Yorkers climbed down the mountain.
  14. Ahmed got off (descendre) the bus.
  15. The woman left (partir de) the restaurant.
  16. The man stayed at the restaurant.
  17. We entered the high school.
  18. We went back inside the school
  19. Hugo became happy.
  20. Did you become rich?

[10 minutes] Oral Practice, Special Verb List: Each student reads his/her 13-verb story to another student. The other student translates sentence by sentence. Then the other student gets to read his/her story, and the first student translates each sentence. Then all students repair and do it again! (In other words, you read your story to two other students, and you listen to and translate two other students' stories.)

[30 minutes] More Oral Practice, Special Verb List: CAH asks students questions about their stories.

[5 minutes] Note posting of Oral Final Exam questions and appointment schedule.

[25 minutes] Written Practice, Past Tense with être: Students put sentences from 20-line translation exercise au tableau!
  • Do ten at a time; after each set, ask students to add past tense sentences that use avoir as their helping verb (CAH will offer sentences with appropriate verbs).
[20 minutes] Written/Oral Practice, Special Verb List. In large group, do as many of the following sentences out loud as possible.
1They are holding the cards.They held the cards.
2Are you coming back?Have you come back?
3We are trying on the swim fins.We tried on the swim fins.
4Are you helping Papa?Did you help Papa?
5The cat is not dying.The cat did not die.
6I am not killing the computer.I did not kill the computer
7The students do not know the teacher well.The students did not know the teacher well.
8Why aren't you staying in Paris?Why didn't you stay in Paris?
9We're putting the flowers here.We put [past] the flowers here.
10Juliette isn't going out tonight.Juliette didn't go out last night.
11I am stopping the car.I stopped the car.
12Are you leaving Marseille?Have you left Marseille?
13We aren't sleeping much.We didn't sleep much.

Les Devoirs: rien! Mais étudiez les définitions et les conjugaisons, présentes et passées composées, de nos 13 verbs especials! L'examen mardi!

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