French 2: Thursday May 2 2013 Lesson Plan

DUE: Vocab Writing 8.1 pp. 270–273 + body parts on R20. Write all terms four times; label all body parts on drawing!

[25 minutes] Practice body/health vocab!

[15 minutes] Review grammar: point out pp. R38–R47 as outstanding verb study guide.

[50 minutes] Work Time!

Les Devoirs: Doctor Skit!

  • Groups of 2, 3, or 4 prepare skit about sickness and/or injury.
  • Each person must say at least five sentences.
  • Script must include 10 different Vocab 8.1 words/phrases.
  • Students must say each Vocab 8.1 word/phrase with emphasis.
  • Students must hold up a sign showing each Vocab 8.1 word/phrase as it is said!

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