French 1: Thursday May 9 Lesson Plan

Les Devoirs: encore, rien! parce que tout le monde a besoin d'étudier pour...

[30 minutes] Past Tense Verb Quiz! 
  • Today's past tense quiz will include verbs that take avoir and verbs that take être in the past tense. 
  • The quiz will include regular -er-ir, and -re verbs.
  • The quiz will include verbs that have irregular past participles.
  • See p. R27, p. 238, 240, 262, and 274.
[30 minutes] Practice Oral Exam Questions!

[30 minutes] Work Time!

Les Devoirs: Check out the complete Special Verb List. Copy all of those verbs into a table on Word. Expand that table to have nine columns in which you will write the following information:
  1. definition
  2. first-person singular present
  3. second-person singular present
  4. third-person singular present
  5. first-person plural present
  6. second-person plural present
  7. third-person plural present
  8. past tense helping verb (avoir or être)
  9. past participle

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