French 3: Tuesday May 14 2013 Lesson Plan

DUE: Les Devoirs! Vocab and Grammar Review! Translate the following sentences. Pay close attention to verb tense! Hint:

  1. I'm going to the art gallery.
  2. Why didn't you go to the exhibit?
  3. Ciera was going to the circus.
  4. We will not go to the show.
  5. Justice and Brianna would go to the movie, if they had (imparfait!) the money.
  6. We are not doing our homework.
  7. Did Lacey go hang-gliding?
  8. Trevor used to go parachuting.
  9. Abby and Shelbee will go mountain-climbing.
  10. I would go kayaking, if I didn't have (imparfait!) fear of fish.
  11. Rachel is reading about sharks.
  12. Cody and Taylor didn't read about jellyfish.
  13. I was reading about dolphins.
  14. Katharine will read about bears.
  15. We would read about foxes, if we had (imparfait!) the time.
  16. Madisen is not falling ill.
  17. Our friends adopted a child from China.
  18. Abigail will find work in New York.
  19. Kelby was applying for a job in Canada.
  20. Kenzie would move to Hollywood, if she liked (imparfait!) earthquakes.
[20 minutes] Grammar/Vocab Review: Put today's 20 sentences au tableau!

[70 minutes] Oral Exam Practice!

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