French 1: Nov. 8-9 Lesson Plan

DUE: rien! nada! nothing! ...because you had to study for...

{25 minutes} Vocab Quiz 3.1! p. 107 Vocabulaire 1

{40 minutes} New Vocabulary Listening/Speaking Practice: La Famille
  • pp. 90-91: Students listen to and repeat family vocab.
  • Qui = who
  • CAH asks "Qui est la mère, le grand-père..." etc., students respond by pointing to person in book and saying name. (Putting the page up on the screen would be cool!)
  • "Qui c'est, ça?" Who is that?
  • "Ça, c'est..." or "Ça, ce sont..."
  • After practice in text, turn questions to students: "Qui a un frère? Deux frères? Trois frères?..."
Les Devoirs: New Vocab Writing Practice!
  • Write each new vocab word/phrase four times.
  • p. 93 "Entre Copains" (branché/branchée, chouette, un gamin/une gamine, un frangin/une frangine, mes vieux, mamie, papi)
  • p. 107 Vocabulaire 2

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