French 2: Nov. 28-29 Lesson Plan

DUE: Les Devoirs! Reading "Le Petit Nicolas" (pp. 106–108)
  1. Save your Word/Journal/OneNote story text with the highlighted words and phrases that elude you. CAH will want to see that.
  2. Complete p. 108 Exercise B (yes, write the whole sentence with your answer, not just the letters of the responses).
  3. Write an accurate translation of the expression "C’était gagné" (p. 108, line 3). There is a 95% probability that Google Translate will translate this sentence in this context incorrectly. Think about what's being said, search for other uses of this phrase online, and explain what it means in the context of the action at the end of this story.
{10 minutes} Conversation! "Où est-ce que vous avez voyagé pendant la fête de Thanksgiving?"
  • CAH begins questions, then one student asks another.
{15 minutes} Re-listen, Re-read!
  • CAH checks homework
  • Students listen to audio of story again while reading along (move your mouths!)
  • Students then pair up, practice reading story to each other, alternating paragraph by paragraph.
  • If students finish one read through, read again, changing which paragraphs they read.
{30 minutes} Reading and translating ensemble
  • Designate four translators (combo of volunteers and indications from mark-up sheets)
  • Students read "Le Petit Nicolas" aloud, a few lines per student.
  • After each student's French reading, translators give English versions!
  • Discuss "C’était gagné" (p. 108, line 3).
{10 minutes} Review answers to p. 108, Ex. B!

Les Devoirs: p. 108 Ex. C!
  • Yes, write complete sentences!

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