French 2: Nov. 2-3 Lesson Plan

DUE: Les devoirs! Les recettes!
  • Each student should have a written recipe for a favorite dish to present.
  • La recette must have at least five ingredients.
  • La recette should also tell us how to make the dish, using vocab from Vocab List 3.1 (p. 113: couper, ajouter, mélanger, bouillir, faire cuire) and from the sample recipe on p. 84 Ex. 2!
{20 minutes} Wake-up reading and translation exercise: p. 84 ex. 2!
  • Students pair up, read recipe in Ex. 2 to each other, figure out which words from the word bank go in the six blanks in the recipe.
  • Also figure out what the recipe says!
  • Take volunteers in pairs: students stand, one reads the French, the other translates into English looking just at the French on the page, not at notes or GT!
{60 minutes} Pronunciation and Translation of Student Recipes!
  • Same activity as above, but now students do their own recipes from the homework for today.
  • However, instead of the second student translating the recipe into English, the second student acts out the recipe, showing the ingredients (retrieve from grocery store!), carrying out the actions indicated in the recipe.
  • First student: read recipe slowly, give partner time to show food and actions.
  • presentations will likely carry over into next class period!
Pas de devoirs! No homework!

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