French 2: Nov. 10-14 Lesson Plan

Les Devoirs: Vocab Writing Practice! Vocab 3.2, pp. 94-95
  • Write every vocab word/phrase on pp. 94-95 three times, including the sentences in Exprimons-nous on p. 95.
  • Write sentences for every word in the pictures.
  • Sentences should tell us where people work (e.g., Le boucher travaille... ? La cassière travaille... où?), what they sell (e.g., La boulangère vend... quoi? Le poissonier vend... quoi?), and/or what you buy where (e.g., Au supermarché j'achète un litre de... quoi? Au crémerie on achète... quoi?).
  • "J'aime..." is not allowed for this assignment!
  • You may use a maximum of five vocab words in a single sentence.
{10 minutes} Pronunciation warm-up! Écoutez et répétez! pp. 94-95

{25 minutes} Q&A: "Que vend...?"
  • Ask students what certain shops and shopkeepers sell. Students must respond with two specific items.
{20 minutes}: Students write original sentences from assignment on the board! Review for grammar!

{10 minutes} Return groceries to sensible order on east shelves!

Les Devoirs
: Grocery/Directions skit!
  • First, everyone makes six store signs for next meeting Nov. 15-16!
  • signs must include French word and an appropraite graphic for the type of store!
  • Then, in trios, write original conversations relating to a shopping trip.
  • First, two people at home decide they need some groceries. Tell us why, and tell us what!
  • Head out to at least two different shops!
  • Each shopper meets a shopkeeper; they greet each other.
  • Shopper must say, "I need X amount of grocery Y. Where is/are Y?"
  • Shopkeeper must give different directions (see direction words, p. 97) for four of the groceries.
  • Shopkeeper must say that he/she doesn't have any or is out of one of the items (use the partitive! "Nous n'avons pas de..." or "Il n'y a pas de..."). And be sure to express regret!
  • Shoppers come home, say what they got!
  • Present in class on Nov. 17-18!

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