French 1: Nov. 21-22 Lesson Plan

DUE: rien! Nothing! You should have studied for your...

{30 minutes} Vocab Quiz 3.2! "Entre Copains" terms on p. 93 and Vocabulary List #2 on p. 107

{60 minutes} Work on your family slideshow.

Les Devoirs: prepare family slideshow to present in class next meeting (after Le jour de dindon):
  • minimum 5 slides (PowerPoint, Prezi, whatever works for you)
  • each slide should tell about a family member
  • each slide should have at least one relevant image
  • each slide should have at least three relevant words
  • you will present a few simple sentences orally with each slide to tell us about each person (you are not to write your sentences word-for-word on your slides!)

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