French 1: Nov. 4-7 Lesson Plan

DUE: Les Devoirs: p. 85 ex. 14 (as always, write complete sentences!)

{20 minutes} Review Adjective Agreement!
  • Students write sentences from ex. 14 on board!
  • Practice pronunciation en masse.
{5 minutes} Listening Practice: p. 86 ex. 16

{25 minutes} More Adjective Practice
  • Practice irregular forms for beau, nouveau, and vieux!
  • Note these adjectives go before the noun: le nouvel élève; la belle fille, les vieux profs.
  • Do pp. 86-87 exs. 17 & 18 together
{30 minutes} Speaking Practice
  • Students prepare self-descriptions using terms on p. 87 ex. 19 and other p. 107 vocab.
  • Must use at least six adjectives in six sentences (yes, must repeat je suis)
Les Devoirs: nothing new, but study for un quiz de vocabulaire le 8-9 novembre! Vocab Quiz 3.1 Nov. 8-9!

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