French 2: Nov. 15-16 Lesson Plan

DUE: Les devoirs! Six shop signs!
  • Must include the French word for the shop and an appropriate image.
{20 minutes} Direction practice! p. 97!
  • Students practice in pairs using the direction words/phrases on p. 97 (devant, derrière, entre, à côté de, à droite de, à gauche de), describing the position of certain objects and/or themselves in this classroom.
  • After pairs practice, CAH will call on each student to use one of the direction words/phrases in a sentence!
{10 minutes} Contraction Practice pp. 102-103
  • Review contractions with à and de
  • Do Exs. 40-41 together out loud; CAH writes answers on board.
{60 minutes} Time to work on Grocery/Direction skits!
  • In trios, write original conversations relating to a shopping trip.
  • First, two people at home decide they need some groceries. Tell us why, and tell us what!
  • Update 2011.11.16: Minimum five items! That allows the shopkeepers (see below) to give four different directions, then to say "We're out!" of a fifth item.
  • Head out to at least two different shops!
  • Each shopper meets a shopkeeper; they greet each other.
  • Shopper must say, "I need X amount of grocery Y. Where is/are Y?"
  • Shopkeeper must give different directions (see direction words, p. 97) for four of the groceries.
  • Shopkeeper must say that he/she doesn't have any or is out of one of the items (use the partitive! "Nous n'avons pas de..." or "Il n'y a pas de..."). And be sure to express regret!
  • Shoppers come home, say what they got!
  • Vocabulary should focus on terms from Chap. 3 and previous!
  • If you rely heavily on terms not learned so far, please provide a glossary of key terms on the board (maximum five!)
  • Present in class on Nov. 17-18!
Also study for Vocab Quiz 3.2—Vocab 2 on p. 113, plus direction words on p. 97. Vocab Quiz 3.2 will take place Nov. 21-22!

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