French 1: Nov. 2-3 Lesson Plans

DUE: Les Devoirs: p. 83 ex. 8 & 9
  • Write complete sentences! (This should go without saying now. :-) )
{10 minutes} Check Homework!
  • Read sentences aloud.
  • Ex. 8: first read the nice Florence sentences, then practice negation! Read them as if Terence Le Terrible were saying them! He never says anything nice! (In other words, go through the exercise putting all of Florence's affirmative sentences in the negative and vice versa.)
  • Ex. 9: Everyone reads sentences for one picture.
{25 minutes} être practice!
  • Students have six minutes to write six sentences on paper, one for each conjugated form of être:
    • suis
    • es
    • est
    • sommes
    • êtes
    • sont
  • Keep sentences short!
  • After writing six sentences, students place papers in pile at center of room.
  • Students then draw papers at random to read and translate aloud.
{35 minutes} Adjective Agreement, p. 84
  • Slow and steady, please! Watch these rules!
  1. Feminine: in general, add -e (unless there already is an unaccented one!)
  2. -eux → -euse; -if → -ive
  3. long → longue, blanc → blanche, bon → bonne, gros → grosse, gentil → gentille, mignon → mignonne
  4. Adjectives usually go after noun except adjectives describing beauty, age, goodness, or size.
  5. Plural: add -s (unless there already is one!)
  • Do pp. 84-85 exs. 11, 12, & 13 together.
Les Devoirs: p. 85 ex. 14 (as always, write complete sentences!)
  • And remember: vous passez (et, j'éspère, réussissez!) un quiz de vocabulaire le 8-9 novembre! Vocab Quiz 3.1 Nov. 8-9!

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