French 1: Friday, January 27 Lesson Plan

Oral Exam
Make-Up Deadline Thursday, Feb. 2!
DUE: Les Devoirs! p. 128 Ex. 27: Write out the entire exercise, include every accent mark.

{10 minutes} check accent marks!
{40 minutes} Verb conjugation practice! In class, students pair up and translate the following 20 sentences.
  • Divide the work! Have one student translate the first half in bold, the subject and verb, while the other student translates the rest of the predicate! Then combine the sentence parts and practice saying them when finished.
  1. I prefer pencils.
  2. Augustina prefers pens.
  3. Do you (plural) prefer the paper or the computer?
  4. The students repeat the sentences.
  5. We repeat the words.
  6. Are you (singular) rehearsing Romeo and Juliet?
  7. Mom is walking the dog.
  8. We walk the dog in the park.
  9. Suzanne is raising her hand
  10. You (plural) are raising some good questions.
  11. I bring my sister to school on Mondays.
  12. You (plural) bring your cousins to school on Thursdays.
  13. Françoise is taking her niece to the library Saturday.
  14. They are taking their friends to the movies Friday.
  15. I am buying some red sneakers.
  16. Are you (singular) buying the yellow pencil sharpener?
  17. Guillaume is buying the big green calculator.
  18. We are buying 500 sheets of paper.
  19. You (plural) are buying 172 notebooks.
  20. The teachers are buying 95 rulers and 72 erasers.
{15 minutes} Adjectives as nouns! p. 130
  • If we understand what noun we're talking about, we can drop it and just use the proper article and adjective that describes it.
  • Make sure articles and adjectives still reflect the gender!
  • la bleue: "the blue one" (some feminine noun!)
  • le vert: "the green one" (some masculine noun!)
  • les blanches: "the white ones" (referring to multiple feminine nouns)
  • les rouges: "the red ones" (referring to multiple nouns... can't tell whether feminine or masculine, since rouge has an -e on the end in both genders)
  • Practice with p. 130, Ex. 32
Les Devoirs:
  1. p. 131 Ex. 35: Write out complete sentences. Note the structure La bleue est à Adèle = "The blue one is Adèle's."
  2. Study for Vocab Quiz 4.2 over school supplies, colors, and numbers (be ready for multiplication!) on Tuesday, January 31.

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