French 1: Jan. 23 Lesson Plan

Oral Exam
Make-Up Deadline Thursday, Feb. 2!
DUE: Les Devoirs! Original sentences using each of the nouns and adjectives on pp. 124–125.

{5 minutes} Brain warm-up in pairs!
  • While CAH checks homework, students ask each other, "De quelle couleur..." about various items they have or that they see around the room. Try to ask at least one question for each color we have on the list!
{20 minutes} Review sentences on board!
  • half of class goes to board to write two sentences from homework; other half follows to make corrections; then change roles!
{20 minutes} New phrases! (pp. 125–126):
  • j'ai besoin de...
  • il me faut/il te faut...
  • tu pourrais me prêter...
  • ...à me prêter...
  • je cherche... (-er verb!)
  • C'est combien?/Elle est à combien?
  • C'est dix-huit dollars quatre-vingt-cinq.
  • Elle est à dix-huit dollars quatre-vingt-cinq.
  • réponse à "Merci": Je vous en prie/À votre service.
{20 minutes} Do pp. 126–127 in class
  • Students get ten minutes to write out exercises, then we say them out loud together.
Les Devoirs: More writing!
  • Write three original dialogs (minimum four sentences each), one in which you tell someone you need something and ask to borrow it, two in which you are shopping for school supplies. Use the phrases we went over today on pp. 126–127!
  • Study for Vocab Quiz 4.2 over school supplies, colors, and numbers (be ready for multiplication!) on Tuesday, January 31.

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