French 2: Jan 20 Lesson Plan

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DUE: Les Devoirs!
  1. Annotated screen shot: students should have an image of their computer screen annotated with French terms from p. 130!
  2. "How-to" outline: Students should have at least a paragraph, written in French, telling how to use a computer to research and write a paper for school. (If students forget what they can include in their instructions, refer them to the Jan. 18 lesson plan.)
  3. Teacher will note on the rosters which students have completed this assignment.
{30 minutes} Vocab Practice!

Individual Practice (20 minutes):
  1. Students should log in to their "" online textbooks. (Passwords are available in yellow folder.) Students go to Chapter 4 vocab so they can listen to and practice repeating the vocab words we started practicing on Tuesday.
  2. Students should click on the words on the vocab list (either pp. 130-131 or p. 149), listen to the audio, and repeat the words out loud (no whispering! no mouthing the words silently! Everyone should be emitting sound!
Pairs Practice (10 minutes):
  1. Students pair up! At least one student should have a computer logged on to the Web.
  2. Students should practice telling each other to "Cliquez sur..." (click on) various items on the screen. Each student gets a chance to tell the other to do the clicking.
{60 minutes} Work on "How-To" Computer Skits!
  • For next time, students should pair up and prepare presentations based on their "How-To" paragraphs submitted today.
  • Each pair will present one How-To Skit! Instead of each student reading his/her own paragraph separately, each pair will pick and choose from both of their paragraphs to make one presentation.
  • One student will read the text while the other student will listen and patiently, slowly demonstrate the actions on the Smart Board. (Think ahead about what windows you'll open, when you'll need to access the keyboard, etc.: I'll give you time to practice on Tuesday before your presentations.)
  • Presentation should last a couple minutes.
  • Presentations will happen Tuesday!

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