French 1: Tuesday January 31 Lesson Plan

Oral Exam
Make-Up Deadline Thursday, Feb. 2!
DUE: p. 131 Ex. 35: Write out complete sentences. Note the structure La bleue est à Adèle = "The blue one is Adèle's."

{25 minutes} Vocab Quiz 4.2: pp. 124–125. Backpack items, colors, numbers (1–1000 are fair game!).

{25 minutes} Writing practice: Revisit these sentences from last Friday's practice translations:
  1. I bring my sister to school on Mondays.
  2. You (plural) bring your cousins to school on Thursdays.
  3. Françoise is taking her niece to the library Saturday.
  4. They are taking their friends to the movies Friday.
  5. I am buying some red sneakers.
  6. Are you (singular) buying the yellow pencil sharpener?
  7. Guillaume is buying the big green calculator.
  8. We are buying 500 sheets of paper.
  9. You (plural) are buying 172 notebooks.
  10. The teachers are buying 95 rulers and 72 erasers.
{10 minutes} Speaking Practice: read answers to today's homework, p. 131 Ex. 35

Les Devoirs: p. 138–139 Exs. 1, 2, 3, and 4
  • Write complete sentences, not just answers in blanks.
  • Prepare for a Grammar Quiz over Chapter 4 next week Tuesday, February 7!
  • To review, see all grammar items listed on page 140.

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