French 1: Jan 17 Lesson Plan

Red Alert! Daily schedule changes with new semester!
  • All French 1 sections meet on White days (and Semester 2 starts with White Day).
  • All French 2 sections meet on Maroon days.
  • Many students switch sections; check your schedules!
{25 minutes} Qu'est-ce que tu as dans le sac à dos?
  • Practice school supplies vocab p. 124
  • Demonstrate with one volunteer's backpack
  • Go around entire room, ask student to name at least two items in his/her possession.
{25 minutes} De quelle couleur... tout l'arc-en-ciel!
  • Drill color vocab p. 125
  • Levez-vous! Touchez les couleurs autour de la salle!
  • Describe the items in your backpacks!
{20 minutes} Numbers 1-999 (p.125)
  • Drill new numbers (remind of examples on each page)
  • Do some simple math problems, ask for answers in French.
Les devoirs: Math homework! Multiplication drill!
  • Make a multiplication table for the numbers 5 through 15.
  • Write each product in each cell in words!
  • Assignment may be done either on paper or in MS Excel spreadsheet.
  • Stay tuned: I'll assign writing practice for the remainder of this vocab section next time

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