French 2: Tuesday, Jan. 24 Lesson Plan

Oral Exam
Make-Up Deadline Thursday, Feb. 2!
DUE: Les Devoirs: Students should be prepared to deliver their...

{45 minutes} How-to Presentations!
  • Students should pair up and prepare presentations based on their "How-To" paragraphs submitted Friday.
  • Each pair will present one How-To Skit! Instead of each student reading his/her own paragraph separately, each pair will pick and choose from both of their paragraphs to make one presentation.
  • One student will read the text while the other student will listen and patiently, slowly demonstrate the actions on the Smart Board. (Think ahead about what windows you'll open, when you'll need to access the keyboard, etc.: I'll give you time to practice on Tuesday before your presentations.)
  • Presentation should last a couple minutes.
  • CAH will score presentations based on Pronunciation (speak up! use that French accent!), Information (can listeners get the gist?), and Grammar (say it correctly!)
{20 minutes} Do p. 132, Exs. 21 & 22 together

Les Devoirs:
  • p. 132, Ex. 23: use the given phrases to create five questions. Then write answers to each question!
  • Also study for Vocab 4.2 Quiz over computer terminology on Wednesday, February 1!

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