French 1: Jan. 19 Lesson Plan

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DUE: Les Devoirs! Math homework! Multiplication drill!
  • Make a multiplication table for the numbers 5 through 15.
  • Write each product in each cell in words!
  • Assignment may be done either on paper or in MS Excel spreadsheet.
Students should have assignment written or typed out. Teacher will note on roster who has completed assignment.

Number Note!
According to this tutorial, some French speakers (including some Belgians and Swiss) use more logical forms for 70, 80, and 90:
  • 70: septante
  • 80: huitante
  • 90: nonante
{25 minutes} Multiplication Practice!
  • First, students pair up. One student picks two numbers between 5 and 15; second student reads the multiplication product from his/her grid. Each student should ask the other five different pairs of numbers.
  • After five minutes of pairs practice, teacher goes around room with number cards. (Shuffle them first!) Student draws two cards, multiplies the numbers on them:
  • Student says (e.g.) "Sept fois onze: soixante-dix-sept!" (Translation: 7 times 11: 77.)
  • Do this with each student. (Students may refer to their homework, but note that the deck includes the numbers 5–20, which is more than they did on their grids!)
{30 minutes} Show and tell review!
  • Individual Practice: Students should log in to their "" online textbooks. (Passwords are available in yellow folder.) Students go to Chapter 4 vocab so they can listen to and practice repeating the vocab words we started practicing on Tuesday.
  • Students should click on the words on the vocab list (either pp. 124-125 or p. 141), listen to the audio, and repeat the words out loud (no whispering! no mouthing the words silently! Everyone should be emitting sound!
  • After ten minutes, every student should pick three items in his/her bag/pockets/etc. to describe by color.
  • Students pair up! One student says, "Qu'est-ce que tu as dans ton sac à dos?" (What do you have in your backpack?) Other student responds (for example), "J'ai un crayon jaune, un classeur rouge, et une feuille de papier blanche."
  • Notice that when we describe things by color in French, the adjective goes after the noun! (Example: Le Moulin Rouge = The Red Mill!)
  • After five minutes practicing one-on-one out loud, each pair gets to stand up and present their very brief dialogue. Each student gets to ask; each student gets to answer and show three colorful things.
Les Devoirs: Homework!
  1. Write sentences using each of the nouns and adjectives on pp. 124-125!
  2. Don't forget the nouns on p. 125 under the numbers! (un portable, un mobile, etc.)
  3. Each sentence should start with one of the following:
    1. "J'ai..." (I have...)
    2. "Je veux..." (I want...)
    3. "J'ai besoin de..." (I need... literally I have need of...)
  4. Each sentence should then have a noun followed by a color.
CAH will look at these sentences on Tuesday, Jan. 24!

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