French 2: Wednesday February 1 Lesson Plan

Oral Exam
Make-Up Deadline Thursday, Feb. 2!
DUE: rien! Just be prepared for...

{25 minutes}Vocab Quiz 4.2!
  • Computer terminology on pp. 130–131
  • verbs sauvegarder, ouvrir, fermer, sauvegarder
  • extra terms given when we introduced the lesson (l'onglet, faire défiler vers le haut/le bas)
{25 minutes} quelqu'un, quelque chose, ne... personne, ne... rien, ne... que (p. 124)
  • Discuss box on p. 124
  • Note use as subject (Personne ne...) as well as object.
  • Practice: Listen and respond to p. 124, Ex. 11
  • Practice: Write p. 125 Exs. 13 & 14 in class
Les Devoirs: Translate the following sentences into French (using your brain and a dictionary, not computer translation tools):
  1. Someone is here.
  2. No one is here.
  3. Something is happening [use arriver or se passer].
  4. Nothing is happening.
  5. I saw someone!
  6. I saw nobody!
  7. I saw nothing!
  8. I saw only two boys [use ne... que].
  9. Do you want something?
  10. I want nothing.
  11. They want someone.
  12. We want no one.
  13. Nobody wants anything!
  14. I only want you.
  15. Somebody ate my cake.
  16. Nobody ate Beau's cake.
  17. The travelers ate nothing.
  18. I only ate your grilled ham-and-cheese sandwich for which the French are renowned.
  19. Somebody knows something.
  20. Nobody knows anything.
  21. I only speak the truth [the noun I'm thinking of starts with a v]!

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