French 2: Monday, January 30 Lesson Plan

Oral Exam
Make-Up Deadline Thursday, Feb. 2!
DUE: Les Devoirs! pp. 134–135 Exs. 28 & 29. Write out all sentences!

{10 minutes} Vocab Review! Students pair up, turn on computers, drill each other with "Cliquez sur..." followed by one of our computer terms!

{30 minutes} Review suivre!
  • Written Practice: Students write sentences from Exs. 28 & 29 on board; corrigeons!
  • Oral Practice: Everyone go around and ask fellow students, "What courses are you taking next year?" and answer Je suis....
{25 minutes} Depuis/il y a... que/ça fait... que expressions de temps (p. 136)
  • Review time expressions (an, mois, semaines, jours, heures, minutes)
  • Discuss box on page 136
  • (note that past duration will use pendant/durant; future duration pour!)
  • Practice with p. 137 Ex. 35: students first practice in pairs, then out loud with class.
Les Devoirs: Nothing to hand in! Just study for Vocab 4.2 Quiz over computer terminology on Wednesday, February 1!
  • You should also read the grammar info on p. 124; we'll go over that on Wednesday!

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