French 2: Jan. 18 Lesson Plan

Red Alert! Daily schedule changes with new semester!
  • All French 1 sections meet on White days (and Semester 2 starts with White Day).
  • All French 2 sections meet on Maroon days.
  • Many students switch sections; check your schedules!
{40 minutes} L'interface d'un ordinateur! Computer terms!
  • Écoutez et répétez!
  • Around the room: ask each student "Cliquez sur..."
  • Add "Ouvrez un nouvel onglet"; "Fermez l'onglet." (Open a new tab; close the tab!)
  • Add "faire défiler vers le haut/le bas." (scroll updown!)
  • Then expand, send students to board to label browser buttons en français!
{20 minutes} Do p. 132, Exercises 21-23 together!
  • Students get time to work on each in pairs, then we go through answers in large group.

Les Devoirs: Vocab Practice!
  1. Take a screen shot of your Web browser. Label at least a dozen different items/icons in French.
  2. Write a short "how-to" how to use a laptop computer to research and write a paper.
    1. Start up the computer and the software.
    2. Start up the browser.
    3. Search for information, click on links, maybe download some files....
    4. Open your word processor, write, write, write,
    5. Save, shut it down (éteindre), take a break...
    6. Reopen, correct, print...
Show these written items to the sub on Friday; be prepared to present the "how-to" essays as skits on Tuesday, January 24!

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