French 1: Friday February 24 Lesson Plan

DUE: Vocab Writing Practice! Write all 5.2 vocab listed below four times:
  • Places and weather (pp. 162-163)
  • Exprimons-nous! p. 163
  • Exprimons-nous! p. 165
  • Avoir idioms p. 170
{30 minutes} Listening/Speaking Practice!
  • CAH asks, "Où est-ce que tu aimes aller?"
  • Students respond, "J'aime aller à la/au..." with one of our 5.2 Vocab words!
  • CAH asks, "Quel temps fait-il aujourd'hui/en hiver/en été/etc.?"
  • Students respond with approp. weather phrase.
  • CAH asks "Tu vas faire quoi samedi?"
  • Students respond with approp. phrase from p. 165
  • CAH asks "Ça va?"
  • Students respond with avoir idiom (p. 170)
{45 minutes} Question and answer practice!
  • Students work in pairs!
  • Find a really good picture of somebody doing something on the Internet.
  • Write six questions about the photo using the following queries:
    1. Qui...?
    2. Qu'est-ce que...?
    3. Quand...?
    4. Où...?
    5. Pourquoi...?
    6. Comment...?
    7. Quel temps fait-il?
    8. ...or any other relevant question you (not Google Translate) can think of!
  • Write answers to each of those questions.
  • Practice saying those questions and answers
  • You get 30 minutes to write and practice, 15 minutes for all to present!
  • Present Q&A skit to class with picture on Smart Board! One person poses questions, other person answers! (Yes, you may use scripts.)
Les Devoirs: pp. 164–165 Exs. 21 and 24
  • Ex. 21: write complete sentences!
  • Ex. 24: highlight each Vocab 5.2 word/phrase you use!

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