French 2: Tuesday February 14 Lesson Plan

DUE: Write a paragraph (en français, bien sûr!) on who's "right" in this story, L'Inspecteur or Mlle Isabelle.

{10 minutes} Warm-up: speaking and listening!
  • Students trio up, read each other their paragraphs
  • Each student must ask a question about each paragraph they hear; author must respond, all in French, of course!
  • CAH scores paragraphs during this time.
{40 minutes} Students present paragraphs at front of class.
  • After each paragraph, students ask questions from the floor. Each paragraph must get at least one question. Speaker must respond in French.
{20 minutes} New Vocab! List 5.1! pp. 158-161
  • Read and repeat all "morning routine" words
  • Practice Exprimons-nous! on 159 and 161, d'autres mots utiles on 159, and Entre copains words on 161
Les Devoirs: Write all vocab words and phrases practiced above four times.

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