French 2: Wednesday February 29 Lesson Plan

Note: Maroon Block 2 gets special guest appearance by Marion Veauvy, French exchange student at BHSU!

DUE: Write all Vocab 5.2 words four times.
  • Dans la journée words and sentences on pp. 170–171.
  • Bold words in Exprimons-nous! p. 171
  • D'autres mots utiles p. 171
  • Bold words in Exprimons-nous! p. 173
  • Slang words in Entre copains p. 173
{20 minutes} Oral practice
  • Students respond to CAH questions using vocab (use quand, aimer...)
  • Students then ask each other questions using Vocab 5.2
{30 minutes} Do Exs. 21, 22, and 23 together in class

{20 minutes} Read
Comparaisons p. 169
  • Students read quietly to themselves for 5 minutes.
  • Read through twice, first time with no stop or dictionary, second time lookup allowed.
  • Then we read aloud in class, respond to Et Toi? questions.
Les Devoirs: rien! ...but study Vocab 5.2 for quiz coming up on Tuesday, March 13, after spring break (but before spring actually arrives).

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