French 1: Wednesday February 15 Lesson Plan

If you have not taken the Chapter 4 Grammar Quiz, you have until jeudi, 16 février, 15:30 to do so!
DUE: Write ten original questions!
  1. Use each of the question words listed on p. 156 at least once.
  2. Each question should include at least one vocab word/phrase from our current list; each sentence should refer to a different activity (no writing ten sentences all about faire du skate!).
  3. Be prepared to ask these questions out loud (and answer other students' questions) in class aujourd'hui!
{5 minutes} Listening Practice: Students listen and respond to p. 157, Exercise 12.

{10 minutes} Oral Practice!
  • First, have each student read one question aloud from today's homework. CAH will correct as necessary.
  • After that group review, students in trios practice asking and answering questions written for today's homework assignment.
  • Be sure questions use est-ce que where necessary!
{30 minutes} More Oral Practice!
  • Split class into thirds.
  • Each student goes around his/her third and asks as many of his/her questions as make sense. One question per student; keep moving!
  • After thirds, bring class into one large group, go around the room with student questions.
  • Students in large group must pose their questions to someone not in their third.
  • Every student must answer three questions.
{10 minutes} Adverbs!
  • read Un peu plus on p. 158 together
  • give 5 minutes to write p. 159 Ex. 18, then read answers out loud (two rounds!)
Les Devoirs:
  1. Study for Vocab Quiz 5.1, coming Friday!
  2. Do p. 156 Ex. 11 (write complete sentences!)
  3. Do p. 157 Ex. 13 (write questions and answers!)
  4. Do p. 158 Ex. 17 (write questions and answers!)

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