French 1: Tuesday February 28 Lesson Plan

DUE: pp. 164–165 Exs. 21 and 24
  • Ex. 21: write complete sentences!
  • Ex. 24: highlight each Vocab 5.2 word/phrase you use!
{10 minutes} Oral Practice
  • In groups of four, students practice reading their Exercise 24 e-mails to each other, emphasizing Vocab 5.2 words and phrases. Make sure all of those vocab words are highlighted!
  • Get ready to read these e-mails out loud to the class!
  • CAH checks homework during this time.
{40 minutes} Oral presentation!
  • Students read Exercise 24 e-mails out loud to class.
  • Each time student reaches a highlighted Vocab 5.2 word, student raises the question mark card, stops, and waits for another student to offer definition. We'll go around the room in order to give these vocab answers.
{10 minutes} aller and the futur proche (the near future)
  • conjugate aller! to go!
  • Going practice: CAH asks "Vas-tu au cinéma ce soir?" Students answer with "Je vais" or Je ne vais pas."
  • Future practice: CAH asks "Tu vas faire quoi samedi?" Students answer "Je vais..." plus an infinitive verb!
Make-up work: All students who did not present the photo assignment last time do it and present this time! See February 24 lesson plan!

Les Devoirs:
  1. Do p. 166, Exs. 27 and 28. Write out complete sentences!
  2. Keep studying for Vocab Quiz 5.2, scheduled for Monday, March 5!

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