French 2: Thursday February 23 Lesson Plan

  • Reflexive Verb Practice: Write ten original sentences using reflexive verbs pertaining to the morning routine.
    • Whenever possible, include a phrase starting with avec and specifying a word from Vocab List 5.1!
    • e.g.: Je ne me rase jamais avec mon rasoir électrique.
    • Chapter 4 Grammar Review: Translate the following sentences into French (see pp. 124 and 136 for assistance!):
      1. Michel has been here for nine hours.
      2. For nine years, we've been playing tennis.
      3. Richard lost nothing.
      4. Marcel only ate five candies?
      5. Nobody listened to Sylvie.
      6. Somebody is bothering the cat.
      7. The printer did something.
      8. Nobody saw anything.
{15 minutes} Review Chapter 4 Grammar sentences au tableau!

{25 minutes} Review original morning routine sentences!
  • Each student reads five sentences aloud!
  • Each student writes two sentences au tableau!
{25 minutes} tout, toute, tous, toutes! (p. 164)
  • Practice with "Je veux tout le..."
  • Do Ex. 11 together!
Les Devoirs:
  • Do pp. 164-165 Exs. 12, 13
  • Study for Vocab 5.1 Vocab Quiz on Monday!
    1. All "morning routine" words (combing, brushing, washing, etc.)
    2. bolded words in Exprimons-nous! on 159
    3. d'autres mots utiles on 159
    4. statements in Exprimons-nous! on 161
    5. Entre copains words on 161

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