French 1: Thursday, February 9 Lesson Plan

DUE: Two Assignments!
  1. Write each season and month four times.
  2. Create a poster promoting your favorite activities:
    • You can list one or more activities.
    • Your poster must include at least 10 French words! Include adjectives, months, seasons, exclamations, and other words relevant to the activities.
    • You could use "Allons faire du...!" ("Let's do...!")
    • At least one key word must be big enough to be legible from across the room—catch the eye!
    • Poster must include at least one picture/image/graphic.
{15 minutes} Speaking and Listening Practice
  • Students go around the room, ask four different people What they do for sports or pastimes:
  • Qu'est-ce que tu fais comme sport?
  • Qu'est-ce que tu fais comme passe-temps?
  • Write down the answers.
  • Everyone reports to class what each person they talked to does! Bob fait du ski, Yolanda joue de la guitare....
{15 minutes} Drill Exprimons-nous on p. 151.

{20 minutes} More vocab practice!
  • Do p. 152 Exs. 1, 2, & 3 together as class.
{20 minutes} faire! p. 154
  • Learn this irregular conjugation!
    je fais
    nous faisons
    tu fais
    vous faites
    il/elle/on fait
    ils/elles font
  • practice with p. 154, ex. 6
Les Devoirs:
  1. Do p. 153 Ex. 4.
  2. Write 12 original sentences talking about doing certain sports and pastimes (from our 5.1 vocab list on pp. 151–152!) during certain times of the year.
    1. Two sentences must have je as the subject.
    2. Two sentences must have tu as the subject.
    3. Two sentences must name one other person (Gustave, Murièle, etc.) as the subject.
    4. Two sentences must have nous as the subject.
    5. Two sentences must have vous as the subject.
    6. Two sentences must name two or more other people as the subject.
    7. All sentences must use conjugated forms of faire or jouer.
    8. Each sentence must use a different activity.
    9. Each sentence must use a different time of the year, either a month or a season.
  3. Study for a quiz over Vocab List 5.1 to be given on Friday, February 17.

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