French 1: Monday February 13 Lesson Plan

  1. Do p. 153 Ex. 4.
  2. Write 12 original sentences talking about doing certain sports and pastimes (from our 5.1 vocab list on pp. 151–152!) during certain times of the year.
    1. Two sentences must have je as the subject.
    2. Two sentences must have tu as the subject.
    3. Two sentences must name one other person (Gustave, Murièle, etc.) as the subject.
    4. Two sentences must have nous as the subject.
    5. Two sentences must have vous as the subject.
    6. Two sentences must name two or more other people as the subject.
    7. All sentences must use conjugated forms of faire or jouer.
    8. Each sentence must use a different activity.
    9. Each sentence must use a different time of the year, either a month or a season.
{10 minutes} Oral warm-up! Reading, listening, and translating.
  • Students trade papers, read each other's sentences to each other; original writer should be able to translate each sentence back.
  • CAH scores homework during this time.
{5 minutes} Listening and Speaking Practice
  • Review p. 153 Ex. 4 out loud
{15 minutes} Writing Practice: faire/jouer, mois/saisons, activités!
  • Students (six at a time) write examples of sentences from second half of homework on board.
  • CAH sends new students to board to revise sentences given different subjects.
{30 minutes} Question Words! (p. 156)
  • Learn the Who/What/When/Where/Why/How of French:
  • whoQui...?
    Qu'est-ce que...?
    Quand est-ce que...?
    est-ce que...?
    Pourquoi est-ce que...?
    Comment est-ce que...?
    with whom
    Avec qui est-ce que...?
  • Don't use est-ce que with être: Où est ton frère? Comment est ton amie? Qui est le prof?
  • Notice French doesn't use a separate whom... but it is picky about not ending clauses with prepositions:
    1. Avec qui est-ce que tu fais du ski? ("With whom are you going skiing?"... not the colloquial American "Who are you going skiing with?"
    2. À qui est-ce qu'elle téléphone pour inviter à jouer à des jeux vidéo? ("To whom is she calling to invite to play video games?"... not "Who is she calling to to invite...."
    3. De qui as-tu besoin? ("Of whom do you have need?"... not "Whom do you have need of?"
  • Practice in class with pp. 156-157, Exs. 11, 12, 13.
Les Devoirs: Write ten original questions!
  1. Use each of the question words listed on p. 156 at least once.
  2. Each question should include at least one vocab word/phrase from our current list; each sentence should refer to a different activity (no writing ten sentences all about faire du skate!).
  3. Be prepared to ask these questions out loud (and answer other students' questions) in class Wednesday.
And keep studying for the Chapter 5.1 Vocab Quiz Friday, Feb. 17!

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