French 2: Monday February 6 Lesson Plan

Note #1: Late Start! 10:15!

Note #2: I grant full credit for assignments completed when I come around to take scores at the beginning of class. Starting today, assignments submitted on the due date but after we have gone over the answers out loud and/or on the board will receive reduced credit. Assignments submitted late (i.e., after 3:30 p.m. on the due date) will continue to receive half credit. Assignments submitted more than one week after the due date will continue to receive zero credit.

DUE: Practice quelqu'un, quelque chose, ne... personne, ne... rien, and ne...que! Translate the 21 sentences given last time:
  1. Someone is here.
  2. No one is here.
  3. Something is happening [use arriver or se passer].
  4. Nothing is happening.
  5. I saw someone!
  6. I saw nobody!
  7. I saw nothing!
  8. I saw only two boys [use ne... que].
  9. Do you want something?
  10. I want nothing.
  11. They want someone.
  12. We want no one.
  13. Nobody wants anything!
  14. I only want you.
  15. Somebody ate my cake.
  16. Nobody ate Beau's cake.
  17. The travelers ate nothing.
  18. I only ate your grilled ham-and-cheese sandwich for which the French are renowned.
  19. Somebody knows something.
  20. Nobody knows anything.
  21. I only speak the truth [the noun I'm thinking of starts with a v]!
{15 minutes} Writing Practice!
  • Students put exercises on board while CAH takes scores. (Six at a time at board!)
  • After sentences are up, students remain at board to read sentences out loud.
{5 minutes} Listening Practice!
  • Do p. 124, Exercise 11 together (CAH reads script on p. 115E).
{15 minutes} Speaking and writing practice in pairs!
  • Figure out and write answers for p. 125 Exs. 13 & 14
{30 minutes} Listening and Speaking practice: "Intermezzo" pp. 142–144
  • Listen to story twice on big speakers
  • Practice reading story aloud
  • Be prepared to practice reading this story aloud and answer questions about it on Wednesday!
Les Devoirs: Review for a brief grammar quiz over p. 124 (quelque'un etc.) and p. 136 (depuis, il y a, ça fait) by translating the following sentences:
  1. Bob did nothing.
  2. Luc saw no one.
  3. Liselle ate something bad.
  4. Camille talked to someone.
  5. Jean-Claude speaks only French.
  6. We've been in Paris for five days.
  7. Pierre and Antoine have taken math for ten years.
  8. Pauline has been taking history for three months.
  9. Someone has been using the phone for three hours.
  10. Something has been making noise (faire du bruit) since midnight.
  11. No one has been here for two hours.
  12. No one has been here since two in the afternoon.
  13. Nothing has been happening for two weeks.
  14. I haven't seen anyone for three days.
  15. I have been eating only bread and cheese since Monday.
We will quiz over these two grammar points Wednesday!

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