French 1: Thursday February 2 Lesson Plan

DUE: pp. 138–139 Exs. 1, 2, 3 & 4: write out complete sentences with answers circled/highlighted.

{15 minutes} Verb Conjugation warm-up!
  • Each student gets a verb to conjugate on the board!
  • -re verbs (p. 116): attendre, entendre, perdre, répondre, vendre, rendre
  • -ger verbs (p. 118): manger, changer, échanger, corriger, déranger, encourager, voyager
  • -cer verbs (p. 118): commencer, placer, prononcer, remplacer, avancer, lancer
  • accent-adders (p. 128): acheter, amener, emmener, lever, promener
  • accent-changers (p. 128): préférer, espérer, répéter
{5 minutes} Oral Practice: Read p. 138 Ex. 1 answers aloud!

{10 minutes} Read Exercise 2 aloud, put proper verb forms on board.

{10 minutes} Read Exercise 3 aloud
  • Change sentences into questions, practice asking which one is Frédéric's
  • Students should respond with "The white one! The blue ones!" in French, as appropriate.
{10 minutes} Read Exercise 4 aloud

{20 minutes} Practice "the ___ one" statements! (p. 130)
  • Ask students to distinguish between items belonging to others:
  • "Quel sac à dos est à Marie?"
  • "C'est le gris/noir/rouge/vert...."
  • "Quelle personne est Alex?"
  • "C'est le grand/le petit/le blond/le brun...."
Les Devoirs: rien! But study the heck out of p. 140 (the über-review page) and pp. 116, 118, 128, and 130 for the Chapter 4 Grammar Quiz that we'll take next week Tuesday!

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