French 1: Tuesday February 7 Lesson Plan

DUE: rien! Mais bien sûr, vous avez préparé pour...

{25 minutes} Grammar Quiz Chapter 4!
  • This quiz covers pp. 116 (-re verbs)...
  • p. 118 (-cer/-ger verbs)...
  • p. 128 (accent-switching -er verbs)...
  • and p. 130 (using articles and adjectives to refer to "the big one, the green one" etc.).
  • These items are summarized on p. 140 (the über-review page).
{35 minutes} New Vocabulary 5.1: Les sports et les passe-temps!
  • Écoutez et répétez phrases on pp. 150–151.
  • First do seasons and months: Quand est ton anniversaire? Mon anniversaire, c'est le 7 août!
  • Then do activities: conjugate jouer and faire first, then ask if folks do the activities.
Les Devoirs:
  1. Write each season and month four times.
  2. Create a poster promoting your favorite activities:
    • You can list one or more activities.
    • Your poster must include at least 10 French words! Include adjectives, months, seasons, exclamations, and other words relevant to the activities.
    • You could use "Allons faire du...!" ("Let's do...!")
    • At least one key word must be big enough to be legible from across the room—catch the eye!
    • Poster must include at least one picture/image/graphic.

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