French 2: Thursday April 26 Lesson Plan

DUE: Les posters de film! Each student creates a poster including the following (all entirely in French!):
  1. Title
  2. Names of actors/actresses,
  3. Name of director
  4. "Critics' comments" (you can make these up!) that would entice people to see this movie
  5. Appropriate images.
Posters may be paper or electronic; whatever format, students should be ready to present briefly on their posters.

{10 minutes} Verb practice! We did an -er verb last time (marcher), so let's do an -ir verb today! Finir en présent, passé composé, imparfait, et future... au tableau!

{5 minutes} Quick prep! Students make sure they are ready to comment on their posters and chosen films!

{45 minutes} Film poster presentations! 
  • Each student takes poster to front of room to speak for a half-minute on his/her movie.
  • After each presentation, other students will present questions. Each student must present at least two questions from the seats; each student at front must answer two.
Les Devoirs:
  1. Study for Vocab Quiz 9.1 lundi, le 30 avril!
  2. More Relative Pronoun Practice: Turn the following pairs of sentences into single sentences using pronoms relatifs: qui, que, dont!
Example 1: J'ai le roman. Tu veux le roman. >>> J'ai le roman que tu veux.
Example 2: Luke is the hero. The hero saved the turtle. >>> Luc est le héros qui a sauvé la tortue.
Example 3: I spoke with the teacher. You ate his sandwich. >>> J'ai parlé avec le prof dont le sandwich tu as mangé.
  1. Elle adore le roman fantastique. Je l'ai acheté le roman fantastique.
  2. L'acteur parle trop. Nous n'aimons pas l'acteur.
  3. Jean et Jeanne a vu un film classique. Le metteur du film classique est polonais.
  4. La pièce était drôle. Nous regardions la pièce. 
  5. J'aiderai les élèves. Les élèves écriront un recueil de poésie. 
  6. Je regarderai le film étranger. Tu as parlé du film étranger.
  7. The actress is writing an autobiography. Many people will read the autobiography.
  8. A student made a cartoon. The student studies at the university.
  9. Guillaume read a love novel. The love novel's adaptation is coming to the theater next week.

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