French 1: Thursday April 5 Lesson Plan

DUE: Write all new vocab words and phrases four times! (pp. 196–198, including both Exprimon-nous sections and D'autres mots utiles)

{20 minutes} Grammar Warm-up: -ir verb conjugation! Translate the following ten sentences:
  1. My dog is growing.
  2. Their dogs are growing.
  3. Your cat is gaining weight.
  4. My cats are gaining weight.
  5. My parents are losing weight.
  6. Is her dad losing weight?
  7. Are you (familiar) choosing the music?
  8. No, we are choosing the music.
  9. I am finishing my homework.
  10. Liselle always finishes her homework.
  • CAH checks les devoirs de vocabulaire for completeness during this time!
{15 minutes} Oral Vocab Practice!
  • CAH asks "Qu'est-ce que tu aimes manger?" Students respond, CAH follows up as possible.
{20 minutes} New irregular verbs: prendre! (p. 200)
  • prendre conjugates like its related forms apprendre, comprendre, reprendre
  • Sure, they're -re verbs (see the regular -re conjugation on p. 116), but they drop the -d- in the plural forms!
    • je prends, tu prends, il/elle prend... but...
    • nous prenons, vous prenez, ils/elles prennent
  • Do p. 200 Ex. 29 together.
  • Assign students to write short sentences on board: mix and match subjects with these four verbs, plus appropriate direct objects (food for prendre/reprendre, language for apprendre/comprendre)
Les Devoirs!
  1. For next time (mercredi, le 11 avril): pp. 200–201 Exs. 30 & 31. Write the prompts and your responses!
  2. For the meeting after that (vendredi, le 13 avril): Prepare le théâtre du restaurant—a restaurant skit!
    • Students may work in pairs or trios (no quartets! no quintets! Pas de plus!).
    • One student plays a serveur/serveuse; other plays client/cliente.
    • Skit must include...
      1. greeting
      2. ordering food and beverage (with at least one recommendation from server)
      3. server reading back the orders to make sure he/she has them right
      4. conversation between clients while waiting for meals to arrive (if only one client, then yes, you talk to yourself, making observations about the restaurant, the server, the weather... perhaps pretending to converse with someone you recognize at another table...)
      5. delivery and consumption of meals
      6. handling the check
  3. Study for Vocab 6.2 Vocab Quiz, which will take place on mardi, le 17 avril!

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